Sponsorship For Students

Sonata International Product Sponsorship For Students


Sonata Dancewear is dedicated to serving and supporting the entire dance community to greater heights through our contributions and passion for designing dancewear inspired by and made for dance. We recognise the talents and dedication of dancers who have the same passion as us, and hence we present to you the Sonata Dancewear International Product Sponsorship for Students.

The Sonata Dancewear International Product Sponsorship for Students provides support, encouragement, and expanded opportunities to young dancers who are talented and passionate about dance. We are looking for students with outstanding dance achievements and want to pursue dance as a career. We are not only considering those who accomplish exceptionally in the performing arts, but also a great personality that fits and complements the Sonata brand. Every year, Sonata Dancewear offers the sponsorship to 5 individuals - students from Singapore, as well as international students.

Shortlisted applicants will go through a panel of judges who will carefully hand-pick and decide on the final selection. We have chosen renowned individuals within the Singapore dance industry who have acquired years of experience in the dance community.


  • Young dancers with ballet background, who have performed and accomplished outstanding dance achievements.
  • Age between 13 and 18 years old.
  • Currently learning ballet at a dance school or studio.
  • Both female and male dancers are welcome to apply.
  • Have participated in dance performances and competitions.


  • Sonata will sponsor $1,000 worth of dance products to each selected scholar.
  • The sponsored value will be credited into their Sonata account and these credits can only be used on Sonata dance products.
  • The method and extent of feature on the dancers will be at Sonata Dancewear’s discretion.

Application for 2017 is closed.


  • The application period will end on 31 May 2017 (applications submitted on 31 May 2017 will still be accepted).
  • Short-listed applicants will go through the panel of judges where they will consider all aspects of the dancer (e.g. Dance background, competition experience, personality, etc.)
  • Selected applicants may be called for an interview with these acclaimed judges, if it is required to obtain more information and get to know you better.
  • Those eligible for the sponsorship are required to email the completed application form and a video to scholarship@sonata.com.sg.
  • Include a write up on how the sponsorship will help you. The write-up should be 200-500 words long.

Video requirements:

  • The maximum duration of the video is 2 minutes. (Any video longer than 2 min, we will only evaluate the first 2 min of the video).
  • The video should not include non-applicants.
  • The video should include at least one and a half minutes of dancing in a studio or stage setting with music.
  • The video should include at least 20 seconds of speech. Video should give a brief description of yourself as well as a chance for you to show us your abilities.
  • Video submitted does not need to be in high resolution or professionally taken. However, please ensure we are able to hear and see the video clearly. Entries that do not have a video will not be accepted.


Ashlyn Mae

Deborah Loh

Haruka Chan

Joey Lum

Madison Ayton


Evangelyn Wong

Grace Lim

Megan Lau

Theresa Tan

Wong Ting Wei


Cheryl Lin

Chloe Chua

Reiko Tan

Rio Anderson

Timothy Ching